Jobenomics, the book, deals with economics of business and job creation.  The Jobenomics National Grassroots Movement’s goal is to facilitate an economic environment that will create 20 million net new middle-class jobs within the next ten years.

The Jobenomics National Grassroots Movement’s goal is to facilitate an environment that will create 20 million net new middle-class U.S. jobs within a decade. The Movement has a following of an estimated 15 million people.  The website contains numerous books and material on how to mass-produce small business and jobs, and had 656,000 hits in November 2016 (up from 131,000 hits in November 2015, a 400% increase), which is indicative of the high level of public interest regarding economic, business, labor force and workfare solutions.  If you are interested in our movement (no charge and all the posted information is free), please enter your email on the “Get Jobenomics Posts by Email” on the right-hand side of this homepage.

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Research.  Jobenomics produces a series of comprehensive reports including quarterly employment (Jobenomics U.S. Employment Analysis – Q3 2016 – 19 November 2016) and unemployment reports (Jobenomics U.S. Unemployment Analysis – Q3 2016 – 28 October 2016) that address U.S. labor force, emerging business trends and economic security.  Jobenomics also lectures on economic, industry and policy  challenges and opportunities related to job and business creation.

Key Focus Areas. While Jobenomics supports big business and government job creation effort, its principal focus is on highly-scalable small and self-employed businesses that employ 80% of all Americans and produced 80% of all new jobs.  Jobenomics is working with numerous communities and national organizations regarding implementing Jobenomics Community-Based Business Generators to mass-produce startup businesses for women, minorities, new workforce entrants (Gen Y/Z), veterans and other socioeconomically challenged citizens in urban, suburban and rural communities.  Special focus areas include distressed Inner-City Communities, the Contingent Workforce that now represents 40% of the U.S. labor force, the U.S. Education and Training Workforce Challenge, and the 94 million Not-in-Labor-Force citizens who mostly consist of discouraged able-bodied American adults who voluntarily depart the workforce.  If you are interested in potentially starting a business of your own, take the free 10-minute Jobenomics Self-Assessment Screen and immediately get your results regarding your small business aptitude and the type small business that best suits you (agent/representative, consulting/independent contractor, self-employment, franchise).


National-Level Initiatives.
  Jobenomics is leading three national-level initiatives involving; the Energy Technology Revolution (ETR), the Network Technology Revolution (NTR) and Urban Mining Initiative (UMI).  These initiatives could create tens of millions net new American jobs.    The Jobenomics ETR plan addresses emerging technologies, systems and services across the energy spectrum for electrical power generation, transportation, storage and energy-related services.  The NTR is characterized by a “perfect storm” of advanced network and digital technologies that will transform economies, businesses and labor forces via the emerging Digital Economy.  Jobenomics’ Urban Mining  Initiative (UMI) helps communities monetize high value waste streams in order to create jobs and fund local business generation efforts.  As part of UMI, Jobenomics established eCyclingUSA LLC reclaim high value metals from electronic waste streams and use profits to fund Jobenomics Community-Based Business Generators.  Jobenomics is now developing a fourth national initiative dealing with Rural/Agricultural business and job creation.

Programs.  Jobenomics is now working directly with community leaders to develop business and job creation initiatives to mass-produce small businesses and jobs.  Emphasis is placed on demographics with the greatest need and potential—women, minorities and youth.  Jobenomics City & State Initiatives are underway in New York City, Delaware and Baltimore City with other initiatives in development including North Carolina, Southern Maryland, Harlem and Phoenix.  These community leaders are working with other community, government and business leaders to develop detailed plans, with actionable milestones, for citizens who desire meaningful jobs or want to start a business.

  • Jobenomics New York City’s employment goal is for 1,000,000 net new jobs by 2026 in the five boroughs of New York City. Jobenomics New York City is led by a Harlem community leader, Michel Faulkner, who is also running for Mayor of New York City.  Watch 2-minute video below to hear what Michel has to say about the Jobenomics New York City program.  The Jobenomics NYC team is initiating Jobenomics Harlem (in development) as a pilot project for Manhattan and the other boroughs of NYC.
  • Jobenomics Delaware’s employment goal is for 150,000 net new jobs by 2026 across the three counties and three major cities in Delaware.
  • Jobenomics Baltimore City’s employment goal is for 100,000 net new inner-city jobs by 2026. Jobenomics Baltimore City is currently being led by a Commissioner of the Governors Workforce Investment Committee and inner-city Baltimore community leader.
  • Jobenomics North Carolina is in its initial stage of development being led by the Executive Director of The North Carolina Center of Innovation Network and Chairman of the Accountability and Performance Committee of the NC Works Commission.
  • Jobenomics is working with these cities and states as well as numerous other communities and national organizations regarding implementing Community-Based Business Generator programs, and related certification and funding efforts, to mass-produce highly-scalable startup businesses.

International Programs.  While Jobenomics is designed as an American small business and job creation movement, there is significant interest from Asian, Middle East and African nations to start similar movements.

Other detailed reports are located in the Recent Posts and Free Downloads sections.   I hope you visit often and look forward to your comments.


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