Jobenomics America TV is now available on America’s Voice News, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Roku, and REDD TV.  In Episode 2, Co-hosts Rick Amato and Chuck Vollmer (Jobenomics Founder and President) discuss Jobenomics and the Jobenomics National Grassroots Movement.  Jobenomics deals with the process of creating and mass-producing small businesses and jobs.  Jobenomics National Grassroots Movement’s goal is to facilitate the creation of 20 million net new U.S. jobs over the next decade with an emphasis on women, minorities, veterans, new workforce entrants and other hopefuls who want a career or start a business.  Founded in 2010,  the Jobenomics National Grassroots Movement has now reached an audience of tens of millions of people.  The Jobenomics website and blog is visited by tens of thousands of viewers each month who download from the Jobenomics Library (free of charge) approximately 100 e-books, research papers, startup business programs and numerous timely articles on economic, community, business, and workforce development.

Click to watch EPISODE 2 (a 20-minute show recorded 14 June 2018).

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