Charles D. Vollmer, “Chuck”

June 2019

Mr. Vollmer is the author and founder of Jobenomics, which deals with the economics of business and job creation.  Jobenomics’ principal focus is on citizens at the base of America’s socioeconomic pyramid with emphasis on minorities, women, youth, veterans and other hopefuls who want to develop a skill, career and start a business.  The Jobenomics National Grassroots Movement has reached an estimated audience of 30 million people via lectures, the Jobenomics website, and the Jobenomics America TV show.  Jobenomics’ website receives a monthly average of over 30,000 page views with the majority of the viewers downloading Jobenomics e-books and special reports.  Since its launch in 2010, Jobenomics garnished wide-spread support for its economic, community, small business, and workforce development efforts, and started Jobenomics twenty city chapters led by community leaders.  

Mr. Vollmer is the CEO of eCyclingUSA, which is part of Jobenomics Urban Mining to reclaim high-value materials from electronic waste items and use the proceeds to finance highly-scalable startup businesses.  He is the Vice-Chairman of ACTS Freedom Farms Advisory Board, an organization dedicated to producing thousands of veteran-owned U.S. micro-farms in the next five years.  As a Board Member of Emerald-Planet, he is helping to identify the world’s 1,000 best practices for green business and job creation.  As an Advisory Board Member of the National Faith-Based Employment Coalition, Jobenomics is a strategic partner with an organization that promotes underserved community transformation and is building an Opportunity Zone Fund to finance local development projects across the USA.  He is a Board Member of the Combat Soldiers Recovery Fund, a non-profit that provides grants to combat veterans who incurred severe wounds and disabilities in service to America.

In 1996 to present, Mr. Vollmer founded VII Inc, a strategic planning, systems engineering, and investment capital firm, specializing in government and business initiatives.  VII’s clients include major domestic and international government agencies and corporations.  Mr. Vollmer regularly works with the U.S. Congress, Department of Defense, and government officials.  He authored the US Air Force’s VECTORS and Global Information Operations efforts, the National Guard’s VANGUARD campaign, and the Rapid Dominance concepts.  Corporations include numerous Fortune 50 companies.  VII also helps innovators and entrepreneurs start small businesses.  VII Enterprise Solutions designed and maintained data networks for the U.S. Passport Agency data centers. 

From 1999 to 2007, Mr. Vollmer was under contract to the U.S. Central Command to assist moderate Arab leaders in developing coalition-building strategies and operational concepts.  In this capacity, he wrote several hundred U.S./Arab strategy and policy documents and led twelve symposia in the Middle East attended by officials in the Arab Gulf, Europe, and the United States.  Today, Mr. Vollmer frequently lectures on Mideast, Islam, Arabs, and cooperative engagement. He was on the Advisory Board of the International Center for Religion & Diplomacy, a nonprofit dedicated to conflict prevention and resolution.

From 1991 to 1996, Mr. Vollmer was a Partner at Booz Allen & Hamilton.  He organized and managed one of the largest U.S. consortiums involved with industry privatization in the former Soviet Union.  These consortiums accomplished the most extensive privatization effort in history, converting over 70% of state-owned industries to private enterprises.  He was a co-founder of the Community Learning and Information Network, a distance-learning corporation that has installed several hundred sites across America.  Mr. Vollmer was also instrumental in establishing the National Automotive Center in Warren, Michigan.

From 1985 to 1991, he founded and was the Vice President/General Manager for General Dynamics’ new business and high-technology organization, called the Defense Initiatives Organization (DIO).  In this capacity, he founded a dozen new organizations including a Nuclear Biological Chemical Reconnaissance System that was used extensively in Operation Desert Storm, a Strategic Defense Initiative Division, and a Diamond Film Development Company involved in growing synthetic diamond substrate material for electronic systems.  Within three years, the DIO captured over a quarter of a billion dollars of contract awards.  Before the DIO, he was Corporate Director of Strategic Planning and Operations Analysis when General Dynamics was a Fortune 50 company and the world’s second-largest aerospace corporation. 

From 1979 to 1985, he was a McDonnell Douglas senior engineer on the design teams of F-15E and Stealth aircraft.  He also managed the marketing effort for the $32 billion purchase of the F-15E to the USAF.

Mr. Vollmer served ten years on active duty in the USAF and 13 years with the Air National Guard.  He accumulated over 3,000 hours in various fighter aircraft, flew 175 combat missions in Southeast Asia, and received six Distinguished Flying Crosses and eleven Air Medals.  Mr. Vollmer received a B.S. degree in Engineering Management from the USAF Academy, a Master’s Degree in Education from Northern Arizona University and attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management for Senior Executives.  He is married to his high school sweetheart, Trish Eagan, from Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.  Their son was the President of VII Enterprise Solutions and now manages a Systems Engineering Group at Cisco, a leading IT conglomerate. 

Jobenomics Overview

August 2019

Jobenomics deals with the economics of business and job creation.  Jobenomics’ principal focus is on citizens at the base of America’s socioeconomic pyramid with emphasis on minorities, women, youth, veterans and other hopefuls who want to develop a skill, career and start a business.  The Jobenomics National Grassroots Movement has reached an estimated audience of 30 million people via media, website, blog, and lectures.  In 2018, Jobenomics America TV began airing multiple public access channels across the United States.  In 2019, Jobenomics’ website is averaging 33,000-page views per month with the majority the viewers spending a half hour or more online, not counting time spent reviewing hundreds of thousands of downloads of Jobenomics ten e-books and special reports.  Today, Jobenomics has garnished wide-spread recognition of its economic, urban renewal, small business, and workforce development efforts. 

In addition to the introductory book published in 2010, Jobenomics regularly updates its ten e-books to keep its members current on the latest national and international economic and labor force issues, trends and solutions.  Jobenomics research is perhaps one of the most comprehensive libraries regarding employment and unemployment challenges facing today’s rapidly changing world. Jobenomics also provides timely reports on national and international events that impact the economy.  These reports range from the contingent workforce challenge, nonemployer firms, the emerging digital economy, urban renewal, to rural revitalization.

Jobenomics provides advice and timely data to policy and decision-makers worldwide.  Over the last few years, Jobenomics met with over a thousand government, business, and community leaders to incorporate the best of their ideas and requirements into Jobenomics initiatives and programs.  Today, two dozen communities started Jobenomics initiatives led by local community leaders.  These initiatives focus on women, minorities, youth, veterans, and other hopefuls who want to work or start a business.  While Jobenomics is an American business and job creation movement, there is significant interest from Canada, Asia, the Middle East, and African nations to start similar programs.

Key Focus Areas.  While Jobenomics supports big business and government job creation efforts, its principal focus is on highly scalable small and self-employed businesses that employ 77% of all citizens and produced 71% of all new jobs this decade.  Jobenomics is working with numerous national organizations to implement Jobenomics Community-Based Business Generators to mass-produce startup businesses and provide skills-based training and certification programs to create “jobs within months and careers within a year.”  Jobenomics partnerships include: EmeraldPlanet (an international TV show and research organization that is identifying the world’s 1,000 best emerging green technologies),  ACTS Freedom Farms (a Controlled Environment Agriculture company developing veteran and minority-owned micro-farms across the USA), the Institute for Sustainable Development (an institute that specializes in recovery, resilience, and transformation of disaster-plagued communities), and the National Faith-Based Empowerment Coalition (a coalition that focuses on underserved and under-resourced African American communities in Federally Designed Opportunity Zones).

Contact Information: Charles D. (Chuck) Vollmer, Founder & President, Email: cvollmer@Jobenomics.com, Website: https://Jobenomics.com, Telephone: 703-319-2090 Office.

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