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Jobenomics Erie’s focus is on mass producing micro-businesses and jobs with emphasis on inner-city Erie minorities, veterans, women, new workforce entrants and other hopefuls who want a job, career and those who are entrepreneurial enough to start their own small or self-employed business. Over the next 5-years, Jobenomics Erie program goal is to create hundreds of micro-businesses that will produce 3,500 new direct jobs (not including indirect and induced jobs) with livable wages and viable long-term career opportunities over the next five years. Jobenomics Erie can offer 9,000 online skills-based training and certification programs to “create careers within a year”. If each direct new job generates two or three times as many indirect and induced local jobs, the total employment impact would equate to a total between 10,500 to 14,000 new jobs for Erie. 10,500 new jobs, at an average annual salary of $50,000, would equate to an economic impact of $525 million per year for Erie and Erie’s metropolitan area.

Jobenomics Erie will be built on a two existing and well-respected Erie programs that serve inner-city Erie’s most socially and financially challenged communities. The Total Change Re-Entry Program, developed by Climate Changers, a 501c3, addresses the challenges ex-offenders, gang members and at-risk youth by providing comprehensive skills and reentry programs. Veterans Miracle Center Erie, a 501c3, serves veterans by providing counseling, services, new clothing, products, housewares to those in need free of charge. In partnership with the Jobenomics National Grassroots Movement, The Hope Collection, ACTS Freedom Farms and eCyclingUSA, the Jobenomics Erie Program will introduce four new initiatives to accelerate these programs as well as expanding their outreach to other Erie demographics with the greatest need and highest potential.

The four new Jobenomics initiatives include: (1) a Jobenomics Community-Based Business Generator to identify, train, certify high-potential candidates for existing employment opportunities and mass-producing new micro-business in direct-care, digital economy, renewable energy and technical trades, (2) a Jobenomics/ACTS Freedom Farms Urban Agriculture initiative that will employ advanced indoor hydroponics and vertical farming technology to produce 150 one-acre urban micro-farms and a large 100,000 square foot indoor controlled agriculture complex using state-of-the-art hydroponic and vertical agriculture technology, (3) a Jobenomics Urban Mining initiative based on proven eCyclingUSA technology for reclaiming high-value material from electronic waste and using the profits to fund ongoing and additional Jobenomics Erie programs, and (4) a Jobenomics Workforce Re-Entry Program to create micro-businesses and jobs for formerly incarcerated, gang members and at-risk youth in order to reduce crime, deter social unrest and provide meaningful career opportunities to those who are often shunned, excluded or isolated from mainstream society. Community leadership and support will be paramount.

The Jobenomics Erie team plans to roll-out our program by April 2017, see for more information and regular updates.

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