Background:  Jobenomics is partnered with ACTS Freedom Farms of America (FFA) to produce over 25,000 highly-scalable U.S. micro-farms, employing over 100,000 net new jobs in the next five years.  Our initial pilot projects will focus on veteran-owned businesses—one of the primary focus areas of Jobenomics.  ACTS FFA plans to start operations in early 2017 upon receipt of a $100+ million dollar investment and line of credit.

Vision:  ACTS FFA is a solution to the world’s food shortage utilizing controlled-environment agriculture including state-of-the-art vertical farming and hydroponic systems and technology.

Mission:  Driven to provide a live-work environment for veterans and other diverse social groups by providing an uplifting, supportive and self-sustaining hope for the future.

Unique Value Proposition:  ACTS FFA applies innovative controlled environment agricultural technologies that address the world’s food shortage which requires a 70% food production increase by 2050, incorporates best practices in natural resource allocation, responds to supply chain, food safety, food security, and food quality assurance issues while creating sustainable agricultural communities, micro-businesses, and careers.

Business Model & Strategy:  The Freedom Farms concept combines numerous for-profit and non-profit entities in a collaborative effort to meet demands, supply solutions, and create jobs.  ACTS FFA is dedicated to re-investing the majority of its revenues to expand micro-farming across rural and urban America, and ultimately internationally, with its primary focus on providing hope and sustainable careers for individuals and families who need it the most.  ACTS FFA executes a farm management strategy for (1) homeownership combined with an agricultural career, (2) corporate-owned hydroponic commercial growing operations, and (3) contracted privately-owned and privately-operated micro-farms to create high yield, high quality food production and sustainable growth.

Products & Services:  ACTS FFA’s live-work strategies address challenges of qualified workers, operational complexity, start-up and energy costs, and crop price volatility.  Home ownership in conjunction with sustainable jobs and state-of-the-art systems provide innovation, career development and operational excellence.  Cost effective renewable energy and proprietary growing systems easily tailor crop selection to specific climate and cultural needs resulting in high yield, year-round nutritionally superior, pesticide and herbicide free, fruit and vegetables at premium prices.  In contrast, grocers and farm markets offer similar products without assurance of consistent supply.

Technologies/Special Know-How:  ACTS FFA is partnered with proven hydroponic manufacturers with favorable long-term lease/purchase options, on site set-up, training, ongoing support and advanced technology.  ACTS FFA’s commercial growing systems are simple to use, easy to maintain, and adaptable by climatic regions for optimum crop production.  Solar, wind, and hydro-electric renewable energy is incorporated, reducing operating costs.  Live-work micro-farm communities provide reliable labor partners committed to operational excellence. ACTS FFA offers participant’s home ownership and career development setting ACTS FFA apart from other hydroponic growers in production capabilities and social impact.

Markets: ACTS.  ACTS FFA concept creates social appeal and global brand acceptance, enhancing international distribution opportunities.  ACTS FFA serves the requirements of both the fresh and processing markets domestically and for export.  Fresh market outlets include government, hotel, boutique eateries, gourmet markets, grocery and restaurant chains.  Crops grown for processing are produced under contract with processing firms.  Initially, production strategies focus on the economic importance of tomatoes, potatoes, and lettuce for the U.S. market.  ACTS FFA will target Canada, Japan, Taiwan, S. Korea, Mexico, and many other countries around the world as the top foreign buyers of vegetable exports.

Distribution Channels:  Collective crop yields are regionally marketed through normal wholesale and retail distribution channels.  Brokers/wholesalers provide access to major buyers, including government, supermarket, restaurant chains, upscale markets and fine restaurants that source continuous supplies of high quality grown produce.  Retail distribution includes company owned stores and contracted vendors.  Global demand for premium priced, quality produce creates unlimited international distribution opportunities.

Competition:  The U.S. market’s development of vertical hydroponics implementation lags considerably behind other developing countries around world.  Only 15 commercial scale vertical farms exist in the USA and none on the scale of ACTS FFA.  International food production deficiency will minimize threats from competition considering the vast amount of food that will be needed.  ACTS FFA partnerships with recognized global hydroponics leaders and alignments with major R&D programs assure our ability to secure the leadership role in the industry.

Outlook:  The hydroponic industry expanded from $1 billion in 2005 to $9 billion in 2015.  This rapid growth indicates that controlled-environment agriculture is poised to be a major producer in the U.S. food supply chain.  Higher yields, lower inputs, improved soil and water quality, natural resource allocation, renewable energy use, and food safety are compelling forces for continued growth.  A rise in organic production, birth of urban agriculture, under cover growing, growth of small operations, environmentalism and global awareness positively affect the hydroponic industry outlook.

Contact Information:

Michael Buehler, Founder and CEO ACTS Freedom Farm International (FFA), P.O. Box 3612, Mission Viejo CA, 92690, Email:, Website:, Telephone: 949-295-1337

Charles D. (Chuck) Vollmer, Jobenomics Founder/President and ACTS FFA Advisory Board Vice Chairman, P.O. Box 2182, Vienna VA 22183, Email:, Website:, Telephone: 703-319-2090 Office

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