Download free 175-page Jobenomics Comprehensive U.S. Labor Force & Employment Report Q3 2017 – 31 October 2017.  While highly-advertised statistics (e.g.,  stock market, official unemployment rate and consumer confidence index) suggest that the U.S. economy is booming, underlying small business, labor force and wage statistics are not doing nearly as well.   This dichotomy is discussed in two comprehensive Jobenomics reports published quarterly.  Both reports take a deep dive on economic, community, business and workforce statistics, characteristics, challenges and trends.

This 175-page quarterly e-book focuses on current U.S. labor force and employment statistics, fastest growing industries and occupations, business and job creation, economic growth, income opportunity, contingent workers, education and training, workfare, and Jobenomics’ dozen city and state initiatives.

The top three conclusions of this report are:

  1. Near-term labor force and employment outlook is positive.
  2. Mid-term labor force and employment outlook is troublesome.
  3. Long-term challenges to economic and labor force growth include stemming voluntary workforce departures, dealing with contingent workforce expansion, improving GDP growth, adjusting the population/workforce imbalance, providing better income opportunity and wages, and increasing the number of startup, self-employed, micro and small businesses.

The 110-page Jobenomics U.S. Labor Force & Unemployment Report: Q3 2017 e-book (available soon) focuses on the current U.S. unemployment and underemployment situation, labor force losses, economic sustainability, income inequality, voluntary workforce departures and the non-working population, welfare, and the small business creation solution.

About Jobenomics:  Jobenomics deals with economics of business and job creation.  The non-partisan Jobenomics National Grassroots Movement’s goal is to facilitate an environment that will create 20 million net new middle-class U.S. jobs within a decade.  The Movement has a following of an estimated 20 million people.  The Jobenomics website contains numerous books and material on how to mass-produce small business and jobs as well as valuable material on economic and business trends. For more information see

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